Johan Bruinsma

“The first thing I learned about the cosmetics industry, coming from food?”

That there is no industry more strict in making sure products are produced and put together safely. We highly respect this and our certificates prove our professional approach to this.

What makes us unique from most other cosmetics producers, is that we are also ISO 13485 certified. Meaning we can deliver up to the highest quality standards to produce medical devices such as eczema cream for example. We use this high standard for everything we produce, because we believe this is the kind of quality that makes us stand out from the rest.
Next to that, our lead-time is 25% shorter than the average market introduction, from concept to final product.

This, combined with our practical, down to earth and realistic approach to how the market works, makes us your valuable partner in building cosmetics brands.

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Tracey Ikin

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. Albert Einstein.”

Innovate, Innovate and then innovate some more. Question the norm, no really, question everything. Think outside the box and then some. These are my daily mantras. It may take some extra effort but that’s what makes Florès rise above the competition.

If you set up a partnership with Flores you’ll be ensured of the best product. Every product is tailor-made to enable you to achieve your dream launch. Off-the-shelf is not in our vocabulary.

Beside the thrill and satisfaction of helping you to make your dreams come true we take care of all the other important aspects of product development so you don’t have to. We test the integrity of the formula and the interaction with the packaging and keep abreast of legal requirements and registrations, offer post-launch support and strategies for improvement. Our focus is ultimately to ensure the product does what it says on the label and last, but not least, it is safe for the consumer and our planet.

Even after more than 30 years of experience in Cosmetic Research & Development, I still get inspired by new techniques and innovations.  I’m always up for a challenge in this roller-coaster, never-a dull-moment industry but also keep focussed on the reason I do this job; to improve the self-esteem of the end user and maybe solve some problems along the way.

Me and my team are always open to discuss your new ideas. So who knows, maybe we’ll meet soon and you can join the ride.

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René Wintraaken

“Building brands from first idea to presentation in-store: It still makes me proud when I see the actual product live.

Building from scratch, exploring latest innovations, new sales
channels, smoothen the surface of a potential bumpy launch road: we can help you. As me and our team have helped many others successfully before you.

From concept to end product:
Florès Cosmetics highly values a long-term and honest collaboration. We carefully evaluate each step throughout the process. From first briefing to sampling; making the right decisions for the right mix of raw materials, claims, structure and fragrances and for packaging and shipping.

Always honest, always to the point. With a proven track record, wide
network and tons of energy.
Let’s go!

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David Lohuys

“The high diversity in products and highest quality we want to deliver
at Florès makes our work challenging and interesting every day”

Our department consists of a small close-knit team and together we hold ourselves responsible for the safety and quality of the products that Florès produces. The applicable laws and regulations are closely monitored and complied with.

Because of our certifications, we are always working on improving processes which leads to higher quality standards and reliable deliveries. My work is energetic and is kept challenging by the high diversity of products. Thinking along in solutions for developing and producing innovative products with an eye for people and the environment. Improving business processes and increasing the safety of people is very important to me. Leading audits and answering questions from our customers are also part of our work. From raw material to end product and all this under 1 roof of a fast growing SME company with a wonderful working atmosphere. Every day I am proud of our products and proud to work at Florès.

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Huseyin Yildirim

“Finance without strategy is just numbers, and strategy without
finance is just dreaming”

Finance without strategy is like a star player with no football team. The potential is there, but it still needs guidance.

From my business perspective, I provide solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic and organizational challenges. What are we working towards, what are our challenges and how can I challenge myself and my colleagues in doing better during these processes? A question that will never have a final answer. Might feel unsatisfying for some, but inspiring to me. There is always room for growth, both in personal development as for the company.

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